I’m so excited to be a guest on your Podcast. I love love love talking about intuition!
I feel that every conversation is powerful and transformative for everyone involved.


I can accommodate both audio only or audio+video via Zoom.
Please let me know which format your prefer when booking the interview.


You can find a short bio and my back story here: leftbrainintuitive.com/about


I would love to know what kind of question you have in mind. Would you email them to me at contact@eliselebeau.com?
You can also ask questions “in the moment” of course but this helps me get a better sense of your audience’s interests.

Here is a list of topics we can explore during the interview:


  • My story (intuition awakening during pregnancy)
  • Optimizing my career in tech using my intuition
  • How I made 1.8 millions using my intuition with really weird decisions


  • Logic vs Intuition (conscious vs subconscious)
  • How does intuition talk to us (emotions, sensations, sounds and images)
  • The Female Intuitive Advantage (the super power in our purse)
  • The Three Villains: Collision, Pollution and Distortion
  • The Intuitive Injury (when intuition goes away)
  • My mission: Demystify theĀ Female Intuitive AdvantageĀ for women who want to rocket fuel their careers, finances and personal lives.
  • Professional Intuitive but I could not do intuitive reading for myself (reverse engineer the Intuitive Algorithm)
  • Intuition Coaching Program and Corporate Workshops:
    • 4 simple steps using the Intuitive Algorithm to access intuition on demand and make quick, intuitive decisions you can trust.
    • No meditations, no journaling and no divinations tools necessary!