Elise Lebeau, M.Sc. | Intuition Coach


Elise’s first BIG intuitive decision was to abandon her Ph.D. in psychology to pursue a career in software engineering.

She emigrated to the United States in 1997 with nine moving boxes and $3000 in student loan debt.

She was quickly accepted in a Master’s Degree program and LOVED her career in Tech, working at big corporation such as Nike, Ebay and Intel.

But she led a closeted double life…

For over 15 years, she was a single-mom software engineer by day and a Professional Intuitive by night, secretly giving intuitive readings to complete strangers.

When she retired from engineering at 47, it was finally time break the silence and post a surprising update on LinkedIn about her new intuition coaching program!

Elise is a unique Intuition Coach for Logical Women.

Her most surprising achievement was to bring in more than 1.8 millions based 100% on her intuitive decisions.

Her mission is to demystify the Female Intuitive Advantage for women who want to rocket fuel their careers, finances and personal lives.

She explains intuition in a way that would make sense to your CPA, without meditations, journaling or divination tools.

Elise’s Story

I was a perfectly average software engineer when, one day, I woke up with very annoying thoughts popping up in my mind. These thoughts always followed someone asking a question like “I wonder why this is happening”.

And the answer to that question would immediately surge forward in my mind. It was a disturbing process because it involved details about other people’s lives who were complete strangers to me.

So, reluctantly, I became intuitive.

To be honest, I was 100% skeptical. But after the 50th time where someone says “OMG that’s right on! How can you possibly know that?”, it’s easier to just give in and roll with it.

Which is the unglamorous way that I secretly became a professional intuitive.

When I retired from software engineering, I decide to come out of the closet and talk about my intuitive super power. It was scary. It was painful. And it strengthen my resolve to talk about intuition until it was 100% normalized, even in Corporate America.

Some of my best intuitive decisions generated 7 figures in income that would otherwise not been accessible to me.

I became debt free at 43 (while raising my son as a single mom without child support or alimony).
I was financially free at 49 (while laying in bed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and being unemployed).

But more importantly, I overcame a life of depression, painful relationships and inner conflicts by following my intuitive insights.

My BEST RESULT is living a fulfilling life, feeling happy with who I am becoming every day.

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