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Monday 2/27/23 12:00PM PST

Meet Elise

The Intuition
for Logical Women

The Engineer…

Elise’s first BIG intuitive decision was to abandon her Ph.D. in psychology (she had a massive writer’s block on her thesis anyways!) to pursue a completely different career.

She moved to the United States in 1997 with nine cardboard boxes and $3000 in student loan debt for a degree that she would never use.

She pivoted into a Master’s Degree in software engineering and LOVED her career in Tech, working at big corporations such as Nike, Ebay and Intel.

But ELISE led a secret double life…

The Intuitive…

For 20 years, she was a single-mom-software-engineer by day and a Professional Intuitive by night, giving intuitive readings to complete strangers.

When she retired from engineering at 47, it was finally time break her silence and post a surprising update on LinkedIn about her new career as an Intuition Coach!

Elise’s most surprising achievement was to bring in more than $1.8 millions based 100% on intuitive decisions.

intuition coach

Elise’s Mission

Inspire logical women
to stack the odds in their favor
by powering up
their natural Intuitive Advantage

ELISE explains intuition
in a way that would make sense
to your CPA,
without the need
for meditation,
or divination tools.