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I have been wanting to have this conversation with you for 20 years!  I am SO excited to welcome you to the Left Brain Intuition Podcast!

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With each episode, I want you to feel inspired you to spend a few minutes every day powering up your Intuitive Advantage. 

You’ve been carrying this Super Power in your back pocket for years.
And now it’s time now to turn that thing on and see what it can do!

Hi, my name is Elise. I’m the Left Brain Intuitive and I am SO excited to welcome you to the Left Brain Intuition Podcast. I have been wanting to have this conversation with you for 20 years and here’s why. So I’m a software engineer. Had a wonderful career in tech, but I had a secret life.

All of a sudden one day I just woke up like this. . I had a lot of intuitive insight that just popped into my head, usually about other people. So it would start with, somebody in my presence would say, oh, I wonder why, and then something would pop in my head that there’s no way I knew that about this person.

Some people were just acquaintances. I barely knew them, but I would get this really strong really strong thoughts that would pop in my head. It’s very confusing. The first few months or years of this were very confusing, but eventually I realized that I just, my switch had turned on and I was intuitive.

So what happened is I started to give intuitive reading secretly to perfect stranger. And for 20 years I led this double life. I was, I kept my job in tech because I love engineering, but I also love giving an intuitive reading. Now, something happened though. When I retired from engineering three years ago, I realized that although I love giving intuitive readings, it made me feel a little bit like I was a drug dealer.

Be like on the street corner, Hey, you want some clarity? Do you want some clarity? You want a little hit of clarity, , because what would happen is people would come to me with their question. They’re a very good question about their lives, or my favorite readings were people who did not have a question and I would do what I call the blind reading.

I would just tell them what they most needed to hear, and these are really fun. And so I would give those readings and then the person would be like, oh my gosh, that is so cool. I can totally see what’s happening here. I understand the situation and I know what to do. And then they would go on. And solve their problem.

And then two months later, , they would’ve another problem and they would have to come back. And this was the drug part of this setup. And once I realized that this was happening, I could not unsee it. So I retired from being a professional intuitive, and I became an intuition coach to teach other people about this very mysterious, very confusing, very misunderstood process that it’s intuition.

Now I call this left brain intuition because I talk about an intuition in a way that would make sense to your CPA. It’s very logical. My, my coaching program, for example, has step-by-step recipes. I actually call them recipes because that is how I relate to my intuition.

Now, it took me a really long time to get to that point, 10 years actually. And I call that the intuitive algorithm the process where you get an intuitive hint and then you’re able to activate it on demand and you’re able to align it with a goal, a specific goal, and you’re able to complete the cycle by taking an intuitive action.

So this, I call that the intuitive algorithm. It took me 10 years to reverse engineer the process that was happening to me instantaneously, because that is the most confusing part about intuition is, first it doesn’t come with an owner’s manual or instructions but for most of us it’s quick. It’s in the moment, and we get little glimpse of each of these four steps, but we don’t necessarily complete the full intuitive.

And I’m sure you’ve seen that you’ve heard a CEO talk about their, how they use their intuition to make bid decisions, but they could not tell you why. And so I, I’m the kind of person, if you put a toaster in front of me, my first re reflex is gonna be to try to get a screw driver to open it up to see how it works.

That’s just how my mind works. I love to understand how things work. And I dedicated a lot of time thinking about, okay, what is it that I do in that moment where something pops into my head? Because there are things that happen, but they just happen really fast. And so I slowed this process down over time.

and it’s been really rewarding to finally be able to talk about intuition, and that’s what I’m so excited about this conversation that we’re having right now in this podcast, because for 20 years when I was an engineer, my engineering friends didn’t know as an intuitive, and my intuitive clients didn’t know an engineer.

And so I’ve been waiting for a really long time to have this conversation with you. because I think I talk about intuition in a way that is really different, is really unique. I was not comfortable. It did not resonate with me to do meditation, for example to understand my intuition. It did not resonate with me to journal.

I have terrible hand writing. So these tips did not really help me in understanding my inner process. I also did not resonate with divination tools like tarot cards or these kinds of triggers. Now, if you use any of these tools, then you’re in a really good place because you have a process that works for you.

And I really wanna clarify that I’m all in favor of all the things that work for you. But what I found is that sometimes we think intuition has a specific form when in fact it comes to us in a completely different way. And this is what I wanna talk about, is I wanna talk about , all the ways that I’ve seen intuition come into people’s lives.

I want to inspire you to explore your intuition to understand your intuition and fundamentally to, to leverage your intuition when you’re making decisions, because I’m very result oriented, by having conversations about intuition. So I wanna tell you about the things that I discovered in my 20 years as a professional intuitive, I want to tell you about how did I introduce intuition into my engineering life, cause I worked in corporate America.

I wanna talk to you about what is one thing you can do today to access and leverage your intuition. One thing. I want to interview in everyday women just like you and me, everyday people who did take an intuitive decision, and I want them to tell us to share with us how did they, how did it show up in their life?

How did intuition show up in their life and how did they apply it? And then what happened? And the reason I wanna do all this is because I want to inspire you to spend a few minutes every day powering up your intuitive advantage. You’ve been carrying this in your back pocket for years. You have intuition, you are intuitive.

And it’s time now to just turn that thing on and see what it can do. So I’m so excited that you hear subscribe, tune in and let’s go.

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