Is There Science On Intuition?

Hi, my name is Elise. I’m the left brain intuitive. Welcome to the Left Brain Intuition Podcast, where we talk about logic and intuition. So today I wanna talk about the science behind intuition. Shocking, right, that there’s science behind intuition, but I spent nine years in college, to be honest with you.

I’m not a doctor, but I just have degrees in a lot of different areas. Uh, And my bachelor’s degree was in psychology. I also have most of my PhD, which I never finished cuz I had writer’s block on my thesis. But I am familiar with a lot of interesting research that happens in this field. And today I wanna talk about one particular social experiment that I thought was really interesting.

It was not described as supporting the concept of intuition, but I dunno, I think it’s pretty close. And specifically it has to do with the leverage that is provided by intuition. So there’s three big areas where intuition gives us leverage. The first one is clarity. So when you’re asking your intuition for information the immediate gratification is where you ask yourself, why am I stuck?

And an intuitive insight comes to you and you go, oh, that’s, this moment of clarity, that’s the immediate gratification of intuition. It’s my favorite moment in any kinda session with a client. I’m a junkie for these moments of clarity. I love them. So the second area where intuition really shines is in finding opportunities that are not otherwise available through the Logical Mind.

Because the logical mind likes to make a plan with three steps, follow the steps, and you get the results. But, the Intuitive Mind can go in all kinds of different direction for in the moment, information about what’s the best next step, and then boom, all of a sudden you end up with an exponential results.

That’s the specialty of intuition. It’s giving you access to opportunities that are stored, that has, are based on information stored in your subconscious. So it’s not available to the Logical Mind, but the Intuitive Mind has access to that, and so it can point you in a direction of great opportunity.

And the last one, which is the one we’re gonna talk about today, is shortcuts. one of my favorites. Intuition can get you there faster. It can get you there faster. So for example from my life, I I decided that I wanted to be debt free. I didn’t wanna have a mortgage anymore. A mortgage was my biggest expense.

And I was a single mom with no alimony, no child support. I was on my own. And I wanted to be debt free. I like the financial freedom that represented. Now, if I had calculated my mortgage, would it taken 30 years, right? That’s how long it takes. And you can make it a little bit shorter by making extra payments, but that was still like, I don’t know, 20 years and that was the Logical Mind.

Now what happened was a series of events that kinda lined up for me because I stacked the odds in my favor by using my intuition. And I paid off my mortgage when I was 43.
What I wanna describe to you today is the process by which we can reach our goals significantly faster by leveraging our intuition. So here’s the interesting research. I read about this in a book called Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. And he was talking about an experiment that they did at the University of Iowa where it was a card game, it was a gambling game.

So people would come in, they would have them, pick a card from either a red deck or a blue deck, and depending on the card, they would either win money or lose money, have a penalty, and so people, start to turn card. And after turning 80 cards, everybody could tell you that the blue deck was the deck he wanted to go with because there was consistent payoff and very small penalties.

And the red deck was bad news. Now the interesting thing is this: These people were hooked up to machines that measured their stress level, so sweaty palms heart rate, and after 40 cards, after turning 40 cards, so half the number of cards, they had a stress response when they reached for the red deck, they had a stress response.

So even though they could not articulate with language, the Logical Mind could not articulate yet with language that you had to take the blue deck. , there was something else subconsciously that was giving that, that had that information already. And this is the interesting part. I call this intuition, other people call it something else.

But fundamentally the way I like to think about this research is that intuition already knew subconsciously that the Red Deck was bad news. And it could have told you if you had asked, could have told you earlier on, you know it, it would’ve maybe looked like this. I can’t tell you why exactly, but don’t take from the red deck.

That’s a typical intuitive insight. I don’t know why, but this doesn’t feel right. So I’m just not gonna do that because I can. Right? And every time that you do that, you stack the odds in your favor , you just stack the odds in your favor. You’re not guaranteed anything because intuition doesn’t predict the future.

But oh my God, how many decisions a day can you stack the odds in your favor by consulting both with your Logical Mind and your intuitive mind, who will know 50% faster how to get there from here? Now I was a software engineer for 20 years. I loved my career in engineering. However, I was getting a little bored cuz my mind keeps kind of hopping around like a rabbit.

And and I wanted to retire early. Now my logical mindset, you have to retire at 65 to have a fully funded 401k and savings and college and all that. And then I thought, okay, well I can try to put more money in that savings account in order to make that a little faster so I could maybe retire at 60 instead of 65.

And that was not appealing to me. And I thought, you know what can I do with my intuition. What can I do if I put all my chips on intuition? What can I do? Because at this point, I don’t like the plan that my Logical Mind has come up with. I want something else. And so I started to ask myself frequently, is there a faster way?

What can I do today to retire, to be financially free? What can I do? What can I do? I kept asking my intuition, not my Logical Mind. I knew what my logical mind was gonna say. I kept asking my intuition, and I retired at 47. way faster than what I had anticipated. And so this is why I want to tell you about this because you might not realize how powerful your intuition can be in helping you reach your goal.

Your very mundane goal. Intuition is not just for relationships or for, life purpose or, we tend to be more comfortable to think, oh yeah, I can get an intuitive insight about that. But you can also get intuitive insights about your career.

You can get an intuitive insight about your finances, about things that are more, hard currency and get there faster. That’s the leverage.

Okay. That’s all I’m getting for you today. As always, I would love for you to leave me your reviews on Apple Podcast. If that’s why you’re listening. I would love to know what resonated with you in this podcast today. All right, I’ll talk to you soon.

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