Do you trust your intuition

Do You Trust Your Intuition?

This question is such a minefield subject because there’s a lot of misconception about what intuition requires to be functional. Let’s talk about Trust vs Faith!

Today I wanna talk about completing an intuitive cycle, meaning, What are all the things that need to happen for you to have a good experience with your intuition instead of having something where you feel it’s kind of random or something where you’re afraid of making a decision, you think you have to do like a leap of faith or all basically the things that can kind of go wrong, so in the intuitive cycle,

we often eject out of the cycle before it’s over. And that’s really unfortunate because completing an intuitive cycle is the only way that our logical mind is gonna go. Oh, that’s interesting that worked out , and be willing to try it. . So the way that I think about intuition versus logic is, is like this we have the logical mind, [00:01:00] which is in charge of keeping the car on the road.

That’s its job. It needs to make sure that you’re you’re not making crazy, stupid decisions. It is trying to protect you. It is trying to protect you from things that are dangerous or scary. Now, the logical mind likes to use conscious information. So it’s the stuff that you can hold in your head and you can think at once or you can bring up to your consciousness easily.

So, because I’m an engineer, most of my analogies I have to do the computers. But this is kind of like the monitor on the laptop. This is, you can only fit so many things, right on the , on the window before it, it starts to be too crowded. So that’s your consciousness. This is what the logical mind. To help you get through today.

Now, the, the plus the pro of the logical mind is that it is very predictable in the sense that the logical mind likes to make a plan, like in the six step [00:02:00] plan, and then you get to the results. So it’s predictable. So for example, you wanna go on a vacation. It’s $6,000. So if you save $500 a month after 12 months, you can go on your vacation.

So that’s the benefit of the logical mind and it’s a decision making system. We use our logical mind to make decisions. Now we have a second decision making system, which is intuition. And because nature is very, very smart, these two systems. Well, they’re supposed to work , cooperatively together to optimize your decisions.

Now, intuition is is a very different decision making system and it likes to use subconscious information. and there’s a lot more information that is encoded in your subconscious than there is that you can hold in your consciousness. So this is the equivalent of the hard driver, the cloud with my, my dubious computer analogy here.

So there’s a lot of information there that is not necessarily [00:03:00] red, readily available to the consciousness, but there’s so much information down there that could, if it was taken into consideration, optimize a.

now there’s a relationship whether we want it or not, between our logical mind and our intuitive mind, and most likely , if you’re like me. So I was, I was logic dominant for, for the first, I don’t know, 30 years of my life. And so my decisions were logic based. There were steps, there was predictability.

And the disadvantage of the logical mind in decision making is that it’s predictable and the results are always linear. So, if you have six steps and then you get the result, then this is linear. The result will, will be in line with all the steps that you’ve taken. Intuition, however, because it has access to information that your logical mind cannot see, or nor does it want to intuition.

can have [00:04:00] an exponential results. However, the downside of intuition is that it cannot give you a predictable process to get there. So intuition cannot say, here are the 57 steps you’re gonna need in order to achieve financial freedom. , intuition can’t do that. Now your logical mind can do that, but it might have to say, okay, so when to be financially free, you’re gonna work until you’re 76 , because it knows how much you make and the house, how much you can save.

And so this is what the logical mind can do for you. And if that doesn’t feel good to you, then it’s usually when we turn to intuition to see, okay, what else? What else can I do? How can I optimize? And this is really the way I think about it. I don’t think of them as being enemies. I think of them as being two members of a team.

The fact is though, that they usually end up as preemies, so the logical mind is nervous about information that it does not [00:05:00] underst. . So all that subconscious information that that intuition likes, logical. Mine is really nervous about that because in addition to sub, to intuitive information in, in that subconscious, there’s also a lot of bombs in there, or trauma from when you were little, and there’s all kinds of stuff in that basement that the logical mine is like, I’m not sure I want to go dig in there.

However, if you want a different. then what your logical mind can provide. Then this is the way, it’s the intuitive mind. So the intuitive mind can really lead to exponential results. But it’s not giving you a big long-term plan because it’s very smart. Like really, because it is always responding in the moment in the.

because if you can optimize a decision, you wanna be able to say, Hey, that the wind has changed , is there an opportunity that wasn’t there yesterday that now has shown up that I wanna take advantage of? That’s not something [00:06:00] that your logical mind can do very easily, cuz it already has a fixed plan. But your intuitive mind can do that.

And so this is again, with my dubious, engineering analogs. It’s like Google. So there’s a difference between what the logical map can do, which is to say, okay, I wanna go from New York to Los Angeles. Here’s the route. I’m gonna go through this town, this town, this town, and if I print this, this is my, this is my route.

This is what the logical map can do. And you can plan in great detail. You know all the ways that you’re gonna go. Your intuitive Mine is like Google. You’ve just gotten out of the the driveway . You made your first left, and then Google says there is an hour and 52 minutes of delay in front of you because there’s an accident.

Now, if you follow the plan , that your logic mind set up, you are gonna be stuck in traffic for a very long time. This is not. . However, Google Map can say, if you make a left here, I know it’s gonna [00:07:00] look like you’re not going towards your destination, okay? Because left is not the right way towards your destination.

However, because we have an agreement and we both know where you’re going. If you make a left, I will take you. I will have you take back roads and you will end up in your destination without having to sit through that huge accident that happened on Highway 26. . So do you see how they’re completely complimentary?

They ha they can help each other. So the intuitive cycle is when you’re able to, go through this process here of optimizing a decision. and I really like because I’m most logical, dominant, I like to start with , with a good old, logical plan. I mean, I have some really cool Excel spreadsheet about my budget.

However, how did that become financially free? It is not because of my budget. It is not. Cuz I would, I knew that I was gonna have to work until I was 76 before I was [00:08:00] financially free. I calculated it and so the way that I became financially free was through my intuitive. And so this optimization has a lot to do with being able to complete an intuitive cycle so that the logical mind can go, oh, I guess that intuition stuff, it’s, it’s interesting.

I am willing, I am willing to engage in, a situation where we are gonna pull on intuitive information.

if you don’t complete intuitive cycles, frequently as you probably don’t. The logical mind will say, hell no. Hell no. This is scary. I have no idea why intuition is saying that you should make a left here. I know for a fact that Los Angeles is this way and we should not be making a left. . And so what happens is without realizing it, our logical mind is pulling the blanket away.[00:09:00] 

saying no, and then the intuitive mind is pulling the blanket saying, yes, let’s try this. And this is where you decide, you get to decide what proportion of intuition do you want to include in this decision. And it might not always be the same proportion. So for example, you might be super comfort. using you intuition in your relationships when you’re having, a really tough time.

Like, I had a really tough time with my son recently. He’s, he’s 20 year old and it was time for him to leave the house. And it took us a long time to come to that conclusion, particularly me, the mommy. It was very hard to get to that place where I realized, oh my gosh, he cannot grow if he stays here.

He has to go out into the world and I have to kick him out. And so this came to me as an intuitive insight, physiologically, as a mother, I want to protect my child. [00:10:00] And so there are areas where we feel way more comfortable using our intuition. Now, are you comfortable using your intuition in your health, in your career?

In your finances, are you comfortable using your intuition in the middle of a meeting at work? in the boardroom? Are you comfortable doing that? And so this is all the places where you might have a different mix. You might make some decisions with a more being more logic dominant, which is. Because it’s, it’s a better fit for that situation.

And then you might be some other decisions where it’s more comfortable or more interesting because you really, really want different results than the one that you’re faced with. When you just considered a logical path the logical strategy, then you might be more comfortable to take some, some, some interesting decisions that are based on intuition.[00:11:00] 

So, really when I talk about intuition and I, and I call this left brain intuition, by the way. Oh, and let me explain why. So, I call it left brain intuition because on the left side of the brain is where 97% of the population have their center of language. And the logical mind that is talking to you through your consci.

Loves language. It absolutely loves language. This is the way it’s talking to you. This, this kind of voice that you hear in your head. Oh, I need more bread. I should go to Fred Meyer. They close at three. I should probably head out this whole thing that just happened. That’s using language and that’s logical.

Mind talking to you. . So left brain intuition is not based on like, there’s a myth that that was very popular, that people who were more logical use their left brain more, and that that’s actually not true. That’s been disproven a long time ago. And I know that because I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and so I’m aware of [00:12:00] all kinds of weird research about the human brain, but. . So it’s not about the left brain being logical per se, it’s that the left brain is, is heavily involved in processing language and lo the logical mind loves language. In fact, the logical mind loves language so much that intuition has had to find another way to talk to us, the language, because otherwise they would just bump into each other constantly.

In fact, if you ever. . Oh, I wonder if that’s my intuition or something else. You probably had what I call collision, where the thought from the logical mind was ramming into something that may or may not have been intuition. It’s hard to tell when you do it this way, so intuition. Tends to favor something else than language because it’s more likely to, to reach you and, and to be, it’s more likely to be able to deliver the message that it’s trying to deliver.

So intuition favors emotions. [00:13:00] It favors images. So an image pops in your head like a scene. It favors physical sens. It favors maybe sound like you hear the, like in music in your head. So these ways are the most easily accessible for your intuition to talk to you. Now, I’m sure that you’ve noticed that if you stifle your emotions, your ability to hear your intuition is greatly impaired.

It’s greatly impaired, so, . With all of that, we have the two minds. Intuitive mind, logical mind. They talk to us differently. One through language, one through, emotions and physical sensations and images. They’re complimentary. They wanna work together. And this is, this whole thing is what I call love brain intuition.

Okay? So intuition and so, I wanna give you, I wanna give you [00:14:00] one thing you can do today to power up your intuitive advantage. This is all unscripted by the way. I when I do these podcasts, I don’t prepare anything. I’m open to have my intuition tell you the words that you most need to hear today.

this is my intention before every episode. So today in intuition and action, I wanna tell you about the power of asking one question, asking one question. This is super powerful because, Of collision. So your logical mind is ta is talking in your head, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Fred Meyer, blah, blah, blah,

And your intuitive mind is trying to give you information. It’s also trying to communicate with you. However, it’s really hard to, to tell which [00:15:00] is which, because they, if they’re both using language, that’s really confusing and, and that’s collision. So here’s something that you can do today. You can practice that.

You can ask one question and I like to be specific. I like to say, okay, I wanna ask my intuition this question, and then I say what I wanna know. And then don’t listen to your thoughts. Don’t listen to your thoughts, listen to your emotions. Any physical sensations or any image or scene that pops into your.

because none of these are language based. They’re not language based. And this is the way your intuition will talk to you more without having any kind of collision with the logical mind. So today, intuition. An action tip is, is this one, you ask a question very clearly to your intuition. [00:16:00] Okay? My question to my intuition, and then say what your question is.

So let’s say, my question to my intuition is, what should I do about after this podcast? And then I don’t listen to my mind. And then I ask myself, okay, how do I feel? Oh, actually, I feel pretty happy. I feel pretty energetic. So I have an emotion. I feel happy. Physical sensation, I feel activated, so I probably needed to go take a walk after I finished this podcast.

And then do I have an image or a scene that pops into my head? . So I saw kind of a, a congratulations with a balloon that exploded with confetti. So I guess I’m happy I’m celebrating that I was able to to to give you this tip today. So you really, you just watched me do the first [00:17:00] step of the intuitive algorithm, which is to access my intuition.

Now, it is possible to access your intuition using words and to receive words, but it takes, it takes a little bit more infrastructure in order to get there from here. But today I just wanted to give you a quick way to really power up your intuition and see what happens. All right, that’s all I’m getting for you today.

I hope this was helpful, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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