broken intuitive compass

Do You Have a Broken Intuitive Compass?

As women, we are often socialized to suppress a certain range of emotions, like anger and jealousy. And that’s how we end up with a broken intuitive compass!

Hi, welcome to the Left Brain Intuition Podcast. My name is Elise, I’m the Left Brain Intuitive, and today we’re talking about intuitive injuries. Do you have an intuitive injury? So this concept showed up in my head after somebody said to me I used to be intuitive. I used to be intuitive, and I’m not anymore.

It stopped. and when I looked into her energy, what I saw was that there was this big event, you know, that happened that just completely shut down the intuitive process. So she wasn’t able to access anymore, which is the first step the intuitive cycle. And so talking to her about that. It turned out that there had been an event earlier in her life where she had an intuitive insight, and she took a very scary decision based on that intuitive insight, and it did not turn out well.

So there’s a lot of reasons why an intuitive decision like this might go sideways, you might be dealing with pollution or distortion or collision. So those are the three nemesis of intuition. But but the fact is that it happens. I, it happens to me. It happens to me. So even after 20 years of intuition happens to me.

So this is not something that is eliminated when you kind of master the intuitive algorithm here. What happens though is that it’s definitely diminished. So maybe less than, I don’t know, 5%, 3% of my intuitive decision turned out like in a way that I’m like, oh my God, what happened there? It’s very rare and in an intuitive reading, my distortion is pretty much near zero at this point because I’ll get a feeling if if something is weird and I’ll stop.

So this is really like the best scenario because remember, intuition does not predict the future. There’s nothing that will always guarantee that this decision that you’re making is gonna work out perfectly. Now, I wanna remind you that your Logical Mind also cannot predict the future. So it’s not like intuition is like, ah, it’s not as good as other stuff.

No. Intuition is just as good as the Logical Mind because neither one of can predict the future. So the fact that some intuitive decision turned out not as well as expected is pretty much on par with what your Logical Mind can offer in terms of decisional strategy. The thing though, that is, that the payoff for an intuitive decision is way bigger than the one that can come from the Logical Mind, which is why we keep going back to this strategy, especially in a situation where the Logical Mind cannot help.

So an intuitive injury can happen. You might have had one, you might have made a decision based on intuition, and wow, it blew up in your face, and now you are so reluctant to even receive intuitive information, which is what had happened to this person. The logical mind was like, whoa, this was bad. I’m shutting this down.

And it just turned it. It just turned it because the Intuitive Mind needs to talk to you in a way that does not collide with the Logical Mind. So the logical mind uses words and thoughts to talk to you. 

So the Intuitive Mind is to use a different channel in order to get its message through, and it usually involves emotions, physical sensations, images that pop in your head. So those are the means that intuition usually use to talk to you. So clearly you can see how it would be possible for you to be so distracted that you don’t pay attention to these things, so you don’t notice that you just got an intuitive hint. 

And the Logical Mind can do that cuz the logical mind, remember the logical mind’s mission is to protect you and it’s doing that through by managing your consciousness it’s in charge of all the information in your conscious mind, and the goal is to keep the car on the road. And so your Logical Mind will protect you by saying, you know what? This was really scary. I’m gonna shut this down, and you’re just gonna forget about that , you’re gonna be too busy to pay attention to this scary thing.

And that’s what happens in an intuitive injury. The relationship with your intuition is damaged and you just don’t pay attention to it. now, it’s not gone. It’s just the volume is just on zero or the brightness is all the way down. So you look at the screen, there’s nothing there.
There’s usually two kinds of people who reach out to me, you know, to, to work on their intuition. 

There’s the kind of people who are really excited about it and they’re like oh my gosh, that sounds so cool, and I wanna explore that. And then there’s the people who have had experiences and they’re gun shy and they wanna fix that.

They wanna fix that. And so these people, I usually always find an intuitive injury in there when we’re looking at what happened and what can we do if you had an intuitive injury, well what can you do about that? Now, intuition is like any relationship. It’s like a friend. It’s like a friend. And let’s say that you set up a date or a time to meet with your friend at the coffee shop, and she doesn’t show and then it happens again and again.

Eventually you’re not gonna show either, right? You’re just gonna be like, well, she’s not interested, so I’m just gonna be quiet. And this is what intuition is doing here is just being quiet. Now, what if your friend reached out and said, you know what? I’m sorry. We had a disagreement or, my feelings were hurt.

Here’s what happened. But I would like to, I would like to mend our relationship. , and then it’s up to you to say, oh, I’d love that. Yeah, I would like that too. So if you have an intuitive injury and you start reaching out to your intuition again, your intuition will show up. It will respond to you.

But if you keep being distracted, too distracted to pay attention to your intuition, it will respect that. And it will also just be quiet until such a time as you’re ready to come back. Now, there’s usually big motivators in life that will bring us back to our intuitive insights. One of them is the logical Mind has declared something impossible.

So one of the reasons why I developed this whole, you know, cuz it was a lot of work to reverse engineer the intuitive process to describe and to be able to explain and articulate what are all the phase that are involved in an intuitive cycle. And but I was highly motivated to do that because when I was in my late thirties, I realized I was a single mom, no alimony, no, no child support.

I was on my own. And I realized that I was never gonna be able to retire comfortably in the US it’s very expensive. I’m Canadian. Like healthcare was a shock for me. So I realized that and I realized, oh my gosh, there’s college, there’s the mortgage, a 30 year mortgage. There’s whi, which I got when I was in my thirties.

So this was already, I was already in my sixties before my highest debt was paid off. And there was all these things that my Logical Mind said, oh, that’s impossible, you’re gonna work till you’re 72. And I thought, Okay, no . I will not do that. I’m gonna take all my chips and I’m going to put them all in the intuitive bucket or on the intuitive number because I wanna try something else.

My Logical Mind has given up. Okay? Says that I’m disadvantaged because I was a woman engineer, so I was disadvantaged compared to my male colleagues. I was a single mom. What are the chances of me meeting a man who wants to date a single mom with a child? I’ve been with my partner for 13 years now, and we’re very happy. So all these things seemed impossible at the time, and this ironically is a great motivator to go back to intuition, because intuition, the payoff of intuition is that it can take you to a place that your Logical Mind can’t go. your logical mind says, Nope, can’t be done.

And your intuition intuitive mind is like, ah-ha, I have a plan. Let’s go . And that’s why mending an intuitive injury is possible and desirable, but it’s a choice that you make. You don’t have to, if you feel scared when you hear about intuition. If you feel scared to like even like, reach out to me and ask me a question that scares you, that’s ok.

Don’t push it. At some point you may or may not have a motivator like this where you go, well, I want to retire early. I don’t wanna wait until I’m 72. Damnit. And then maybe like me, you’ll take all your chips and push it over, and play that card. It worked out really well for me. .All right.

Intuition and action. So what can you do today? What is the one thing you can do today? What is the one thing you can do today? So I don’t script these by the way. I come up with them intuitively. And my desire is to say something that you most need to hear today. Okay. So what is the one thing that you can do today?

if you had an intuitive injury, so you feel a little nervous about intuition. Today, I would like you to three times. Three times you gonna pause. You can put it on your an alarm on your phone, you’re gonna pause and you are gonna say in your mind, you don’t have to say it out loud. I’m ready to listen to my intuition right now, and then just wait five, 10 seconds, not long. And even if nothing shows up, I want you to do times number two and times number three, and it’s okay if nothing happens in all these three times because what you’re doing here is you’re making a decision and you’re showing your willingness to listen.

Even if nothing shows up. This is like your friend reaching out and saying, Hey, I know that I’ve not been very present to you but I would like to continue this relationship. That’s what you’re doing when you’re saying, okay, I’m willing to listen even if nothing shows up. I will listen. This is how you can start mending that intuitive injury.

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